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“Fancy” might be the word mostly used when described our profession, wedding photographers. It might be true to certain extent. However, there are many aspects to be considered in this profession. There are sacrifices, learning process, strong will, a very good stamina (for a long coverage wedding); and that is just to name a few. Most things that looked easy are not actually easy in reality. Being a wedding photographer is one of those things. We hold a lot of responsibilities towards our clients.


A good wedding photographer also needs to have an extra clear and calm state of mind, be very careful with our acts and words around the clients, have a proper skill, have a fast decision-making process, have a good photography knowledge, have a wedding sequence knowledge, also good at observing and anticipating the situation. A lot of things happened and happened fast at a wedding. Sometimes things that are out of our wildest predictions. Also mistakes sometimes are unavoidable. A lot of agencies, especially the new ones, often underestimated the wedding industry and its character. Knowing the basics of photography and/or videography alone does not make you able to capture moments at weddings. More often than not, these new agencies will get complaints from the clients. If you wonder why, the answer is simply because they failed to deliver happiness. The wedding is one of the happiest days of their lives. Hopefully the only wedding they will have, so everything has to be perfect. Clients wanted to have their exact moments to be documented and they can bring back the memories whenever they see the pictures or videos; and they probably want to pass them on to generations. Also moments at weddings cannot be repeated. Imagine what happens when photographers miss those important moments.


A broad knowledge of photography is a must (obviously), as important as thinking fast and making a good decision in a very short time. Changes of situation at an event is a common thing, sometimes changes come so fast or too fast. You need to always keep up with the situation. Changes on the rundown of event, or weather, or lighting can happen at a very last minute.

Also remember, at weddings we deal with a lot of people with different characters, and emotions are running high. Miss communications can happen. Our priorities are the brides and the grooms. Even both of them have different ways to channel their emotions. Some of them are very easygoing and communicative, the others can be very tense. We need to set our mood at its best, suppress our ego, get the positive energy flowing, so that we can capture the best of every moment at the wedding.


The other thing you need to pay attention to as a wedding photographer is stamina. There will be a lot of heavy lifting (those equipment are not light), a lot of long walk (some wedding venues are huge), a lot of running around, sometimes with a very little time to catch a breath (or not at all). That is why it is very important to keep a healthy and balanced lifestyle. Our job is not exactly an 8-hour kind, so we need to know how to balance between work and play.

Our goal is only one: to make each and every one of our clients happy. Nothing more satisfactory than to see the smile and happy tears on their faces when they are looking back at the pictures and videos of their weddings. All of the hard work paid off. Mission accomplished. 





Greetings, Love Birds!



Welcome to the first entry of blog. We would like to introduce our team, just so you get to know us a little bit.


First, of course the man behind the name, Ario Narendro. He is the lead photographer/videographer, the brain behind the brand, the person responsible for everything you see here. He is hailed from Bandung, West Java; went to ITB (Institut Teknologi Bandung), majored in art, following his parents’ path. After finishing his study, he opened a Production House specialized in photo and video with several friends from college back in Bandung. It was a success until certain point and he felt like he needed to spread his wings to widen his experience and knowledge within the industry. He then decided to move to Bali, the island full of new experience to pursue.


Ario started his career in Bali at 2010 working for a well-known Wedding photographer as his associate photographer and he fell in love with the industry ever since. In 2013, he decided to being independent to tell the wedding stories in his way, his point of view and style. The struggle was very real; there were certain period when he couldn’t get a deal from a single client. But hard work will eventually paid off.


It is of course impossible to work alone. There is a solid team behind Ario. We do have several associate photographers, but there is one regular associate by the name Mawan. We, Mawan and us, have been working together on many projects. Every time we work together, it is getting easier. He knew already our photography and working style and what do we expect from him. Mawan is a Balinese, born and raised. He never had a formal education or courses in photography. Mawan is a self-taught photographer who is a fast learner. However, he was willing to work hard and wanted to learn.


As a wedding photographer assistant holds an important aspects. Made Swadnyana is our super assistant, handpicked and trained by Ario himself. He is his own “Team Swad”, because this one person is able to work like a whole team. Swad is a young man in his early 20s, has a very high interest in learning everything, also very humble. The acquaintanceship of Ario and Swad began when Swad was a trainee at the travel agency where Ario was working briefly (not as a photographer unfortunately). Swad was very good apparently; that he was the only one hired by the company after the training period is over. When finally Ario graduated from the travel agency to once again pursue his passion in photography, Swad was interested in the art of photography and wanted to join us. Swad is very helpful as an assistant and very responsible to everything that is assigned to him. We have a high hope that we can nurture him to be a good photographer in the future.


Other than field work, there is also the inevitable administrative work. This is where we introduce Anastasia Bunga a.k.a Mrs. Narendro. She is the one holding the forts together and manages all schedule, appointments, deadlines and all that jazz. She was born in Bogor, West Java, she then continue her college education in Bandung. Although Ario and Bunga were in the same city for the same certain period of times, they actually met and get together just when they are in Bali. Anyhow, Bunga was a stewardess on a very prestigious airline in Asia. She then moved back to her home country and working for a newly opened Hotel in Bali in 2012. Bunga worked several years as hotelier before she became a mother and decided to concentrate more on the baby. She juggles between family and and the businesses, because not just handling ArioNarendro; she (and her friends) also manage a brand that produces pretty house wares named Dua.


Last but not least, there is Atri (a.k.a yours truly) as the social media story teller. Responsible for arionarendro’s Instagram and pinterest, also blog entries. She was born and bred in Jakarta, went to London School of Public Relations (in Jakarta), majored in Mass Communications. She appreciates arts and secretly wanted to be an artist. Her brain works better at night time, but she gets to sleepy most of the time. Atri moved to Bali in 2008, and joining ArioNarendro since February 2015. She is back in Jakarta at the moment, wishing to be back in Bali if the universe allows it.


So there you go, the heaps of people who are passionate with what they are doing, also professionals in their fields. Pictures, videos and words are forms of our expressions. And if I may personally say so boldly, we do have a good taste and sense of style. 😉
As a team, we work together to deliver a sole purpose, that is to deliver happiness toward our clients.. Never an easy job, but we will work our butts off to make our clients feel the warm & fuzzy feeling inside that is happiness. In short ArioNarendro and is a labor of love, a baby that hopefully grow to a beautiful thing, and we would love to share this with you.