• Rony & Ksanti

  • Yohandi & Like

    Engagement marks the end of a whirlwind romance and beginning of an eternal love story.

    See Yohandi and Like’s pre wedding video and highlights of their love by Ario Narendro.

  • Sita & Nico

    Ruteng is located exactly on the bottom of Mount Anak Ranaka and has a beautiful nature. It is known as Kota Seribu Gereja (the city of thousand churches) and also “Negeri Di Atas Awan” (the city above the cloud) for the location is on highlands.

    Sita and Nico’s tied the knot on July, 17, 2017 in front of their entire family. It was a beautiful ceremony, filled with laughs and tears. See their wedding highlight captured by Ario Narendro on this video.

  • Adam & Anggina

    Adam & Anggina took their wedding vow at Intercontinental Hotel, Bali on June 10, 2017.

    Song: Thirst – Tony Anderson (Musicbed)

  • Kanoko & Kazutora

    Kanoko & Kazutora’s Wedding at Soori, Bali on July 12, 2017.

    Song: To Build A Home – The Cinematic Orchestra featuring Patrick Watson