Taking a Family Photo is Not a Simple Task

Getting each member of the family in one frame is not an easy task.  With a baby in the family, you have to be prepared to see a sleeping baby or crying baby on the pictures. For family with toddler, a family photo shoot could be a big challenge. Tots tend to be cheeky and difficult to organize. Teens sometimes think that family portrait is unimportant and not cool, and their mood is like four seasons in a day. However, there is always beauty in imperfection.

I believe that a family is a bunch of imperfect human beings who love and care for each other. Family is the first thing we have when we were born. Their love keeps us warm and their absurdity colours our life. When we grow up we have episodes where we spend less time with our family. And then we come into a phase when we miss those days in the past.

Embracing the past doesn’t mean that we don’t move forward. I like to look back. Looking at the rearview mirror of life makes me anticipate what come may. Glad or sad, whatever happened in the past are experiences that have shaped us into who we are today. When we flip each page of the photo album, memories flash into our mind and make our heart filled with warmth. This wholehearted feeling might not only be yours, but also another family member. A collection of family pictures is the most precious memento for everyone in the family. 

A family album is the medium to tell the history of the family.  How many of us have ever felt very emotional to lose a bunch of photos kept in hard drive? It was never about the expensive hard disk get bad sector and the need to buy a one. It is always about the all the pictures of the happiness and the sadness, the birthday celebrations, the get together, the weddings, the graduation, and all mesmerizing moments.

As a photographer, I am honoured that some families have chosen me to be part of their family history. I met Cory and (husband) few years ago. I witnessed their most precious moment in life. They were two souls who embrace each other and shower each other with love. When they came back to me for a family photo shoot, I was very enthusiastic. The baby has definitely adding more happiness to the family.

We had great time on the beach. Cory and (husband) gave me a lot of space for creativity. They embrace every expression shown by the baby without hesitant. They gave full support to the cute little princess during the entire photo session. We were surrounded with smiles and laughter. The beautiful sunset was just a bonus. They are already beautiful as they are.

What Cory said:

“Ario is our wedding photographer and we really like his works. His photo works are natural and beautiful. We feel comfortable with him being behind the lens. Our family photo shoot was on the beach because we like beach. And when you live in a big city, all you need is vitamin sea. The photo shoot itself was fast, fun and relax. Ario and team were successful in keeping our baby in a good mood during the shoot.




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