5 Reasons Why You DO & DON’T NEED Bridesmaids

Trace back to the early Roman, bridesmaids wore similar dresses to the bride to confused vengeance spirit. Due to their supernatural task back then bridesmaids were not besties or close relatives, they were maids or slaves. In this modern era where the tradition of having bridesmaid continued by some, the responsibility of bridesmaids has turned from being a decoy to evil spirit to part of worker bee or simply to be there, smile and hold flower bouquet at the altar.

You Do Need Bridesmaid If…

  1. You plan and prepare your own wedding, meaning you’re going to deal with numbers of things to do, from deciding who to invite to sending the invitation, buying wedding dress, the cake, the bouquet, pick and preparing the flower, the venue and the list goes on. Planning and preparing your own wedding only by your self is not only time and energy consuming, but sometime emotionally draining. You definitely need bridesmaids to assist you doing the tasks, and make sure your bridesmaids know their official job description.
  2. Having bridesmaids is part of your family tradition. You seek to continue the family tradition, so why not.
  3. There are people in your life you couldn’t imagined getting married without them on your side. If it’s been your dream to have your best friend and closest relatives with you at the altar on your wedding, then you should pick them as your bridesmaids.
  4. You have made pinkie promise with your besties to be in each others weddings. You can’t break your promise, can you?
  5. The only emotional support you can get during the prewedding days and the wedding days are from your best friends or those who have shown endless support to your relationship with your fiancé.


You Don’t Need Bridesmaids if…

  1. It is not part of your culture or family tradition. Bridesmaid tradition is not part of some Asian cultures, so if you do traditional wedding which bridesmaid is not part of the custom, why bother to have one.
  2. You want a casual and intimate wedding. Usually in a casual wedding the number of people who attend are limited and you would want your besties and closest relative to be there and just to have fun without worrying doing some tasks during the wedding.
  3. You want to save some cash and ditto everyone. Being a bridesmaid means the person will need to spend money on a dress, accessories, travel and accommodation (if the wedding is not at her home based) and the bachelorette weekend. Or if it is on your expenses, it means you have to add the cost on your budget.
  4. You use a wedding organizer. The wedding organizer or planner will do everything for you. You just need to sit together with them and your fiancé to decide the flower, invitations, photographer and all other things. Besides, planning a wedding should not only on the bride’s shoulder but also the groom’s.
  5. Your family and your fiancé are the best emotional rock for you. The road to the big day can be rocky and emotionally exhausting. If your family and fiancé are the persons where your sanctuary is and they are the shoulders to lean on, they are more than enough.


At the end, best friends are best friends. If even at the end of the day you decided not to have bridesmaid and not requiring them to wear the same dress, they are still there for you giving their best to support you and to rock your wedding.

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