• From Online Date To Happily Ever After

    Today I look at my wife and smiled. I had gone through a winding road to finally found my significant other. It was conventional way of finding a match though, through mutual friends. After several meet ups, cups of coffee and joyful convo in a group, we went out just the two of us.  She is a lovely woman with long legs and genuine smiles. In addition, she is witty and very expressive. Long story short, my gut talking and I listened. I have never felt better than this, yes… I found my other half. I feel comfortable and I am my self when I am with her. Well, that is how I met her, the strong woman who fills my every breath. read more

  • There’s a Story Behind Every Pictures

    “Fancy” might be the word mostly used when described our profession, wedding photographers. It might be true to certain extent. However, there are many aspects to be considered in this profession. There are sacrifices, learning process, strong will, a very good stamina (for a long coverage wedding); and that is just to name a few. Most things that looked easy are not actually easy in reality. Being a wedding photographer is one of those things. We hold a lot of responsibilities towards our clients.

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